My son's father and I talk alot, but we aren't together?

We have this connection, and we have a child together, but we aren't together. We talk all the time and he always says he misses me, but he is kind of dating this other woman,

Well back in January he and he and I slept together, and it was amazing...but the morning, he was still super sweet to me, but was acting distant, like he didn't know how he felt about what happened. He and I should be together, and he and I both know it...but we just can't seem to make it happen on end,and I don't know why?



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  • Next time don't get of birth control till your with someone who can man the f*** up. The fact is he is being dumb, insecure and irresponsible if he has a quality relationship with the mother of his child but doesn't want to commit to it.

    I know you like the guy he probably likes you to but if he isn't willing to commit to a relationship with you than that is where he is at and who he is. It just sucks that he still feels that way when you have a kid involved.


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