Definitions of dating/seeing somebody??

I'm a little confused by such terms. Their is a girl who I have spent a little time with. We went to a few parties together and I crashed at her place a couple of times. Didn't get intimate as I passed out drunk (a catch I know!) but woke up with her in my arms. Anyway we've met up casually a couple of times but don't talk every. I guess we are just getting to know each other as we have only known each other for a few months. Thing that freaked me out a bit is when my friend came over to me the other day and teased me for not telling her I'm seeing someone. I'm a little weary now about where this came from? As I wouldn't say what we're doing s seeing each other/ dating but then I'm not really sure what I class it as being? Maybe because we haven't been intimate is why I don't really see this as anything as formal yet. Do people differ in their definitions or should some alarm bells be ringing here?


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  • its very simple man...There's friends... where both of you know..its only a friendship and nothing more... Then there's dating...You pick up a girl and take her somewhere...just you and her...about once a week..or so. In a friendship.. you're most always with her with a group of other people(friends)..and you almost never picke her up...instead you meet her somewhere. Now back to dating. The dating phase continues until she asks you to be her boyfriend... If you accept you have moved form phase one dating to phase 2 dating..and are now moving quickly toward a Relationship phase. Clear as mud?

  • Did you kiss her? Have you gone out on a date? Have you even asked her out on a date?

    If no, then you're not dating her or seeing her. That's how I read it anyway.