How can I set myself apart from the other guys?

I want to approach this girl at my college but the problem is how do I set myself apart from all the other guys? How can I be different? A lot of guys have approached her so she has probably seen every single approach before. She may even play hard to get now or just be annoyed that every single guy out there is approaching her.

Girls, if you get get approached all the time what can/does a guy do to set himself apart from the rest of the guys who approach you?


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  • You can go up to her & compliment her & continue the conversation from there. Don't make a compliment like "I think you're really hot" (she probably hears that a lot). Go for something more simple like, "You're shoes are nice" or "That jacket looks cool" just say something that won't come off as being too flirty. If a guy did this to me, I'd be caught off guard & intrigued because that doesn't usually happen so, try it & see what might happen. Hope that helps!


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