Is it OK if I just don't want to spend energy futilely anymore?

I don't know if this is just frustration or a newfound self-respect. Either way, it feels good to me.

There's a couple girls in my life that I used to spend a lot of energy trying to go out with. I don't mean chasing them constantly, but mostly mental and emotional energy: thinking about them, thinking about what my texts to them would say, analyzing their texts, my interactions with them, etc. Even though, despite my attempts to go out with them, they were always vague when it came down to it and could clearly do without me.

Within the past couple of weeks, both girls contacted me after not talking to me for a long time (one girl for a month and the other after 2 years). Initially, I was extremely happy and thought they just wanted to start things again. It turned out they just wanted something from me. When I realized this, I was short with them, ignoring them whenever they tried to "barter" and just putting things in my own terms and treating them like I would anyone else. Knowing that as soon as they would find out whether they could get what they wanted, regardless of whether they got it or not, they would stop contacting me. Sure enough, they did.

And I don't care. I'm glad I didn't spend energy trying to "woo" them again, running back when they contacted me. I felt self-empowered, whether I actually was or not.

I hope it's OK that I didn't keep trying. Because, believe me, it got to the point where I was the only one trying/thinking about it.


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  • Doc Loves book The System will change your life.. I promise. You will never waste time, energy or money on the wrong girl again! You can thank me later.

    • yeah, I know that stuff. It's just that when I think they're responding to it, I guess they're not since I can't get them out. I'm just sick and tired of girls only contacting me when they need me for something, so I just want to cut these people out of my life.

    • Yep... the book talks about those types of girls... Ignore them and they will get the HINT. Sounds like you need to read the book a few more times... Remember Doc's program only works on clinically sane women with good attitudes... Its up to you to learn..know..and practice the info.. Good luck.

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  • It is ok.

    It is your choice right?


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  • Good for you, man. Sounds like you've got the right idea. Forget about those venal girls.