What does this text mean?

I'm sorry it's really long but it needs the details to make sense. Please read it all and answer if you can...it would mean a ton to me :)

So long story summed up...I'm dating this girl, it was going great, we had a ton of fun, I really liked her, and I was her first kiss ever. She was comfortable with me putting my arm around her, me touching her hand, arm, resting my head on her, and stuff like that. But she is not comfortable with kissing(we kissed once but afterward she said she doesn't want kissing yet). Now all that's the good signs but after our date yesterday, I tried for another kiss and it got rejected. After the date we texted about where we are going and she said how she would be really happy being friends. (the thing is that she's never been in a relationship before and she is worried a relationship will be stressful). Anyway I confessed how I feel about her and that didn't really work. She said "the feelings are not mutual". She said she just hasn't known me for long enough. I'll admit, I overreacted to what she was saying. Not that I got mad at her but I seemed desperate over text.

So this morning we text a little more about it and I apologized for overreacting. I said I wish I could take back what I said and I asked if she could forget about last night...she said she could do that. I though she said that just to get me to stop texting her but I responded saying how I was only just afraid time was running out(for a few reasons)and how "I enjoy what we have and just don't want to lose it."

See now she had all the right to stop talking to me if she didn't like me because I talked about us having something but she asked what I meant by time running so I explained by saying "We're running out of time to see each other and to see what we could have become. Or what we still could become. Does that make sense?" and again she could have stopped talking because I talked about us maybe becoming something but she responded again. This is text I'm confused by so could you let me know what you think it means: "Ok, yea I guess that makes sense. But I don't think we should worry too much about it. If it's meant to be, it will be."

First she talks about being happy with friends, but then after all my overreaction she is still talking to me. What do you think? We were also talking about the future as in what we will do together, she is going out of the country soon and she mentioned Skype, and she said I should come with her to study(maybe in a joking way but still...)


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  • (Im the girl from your other question btw)

    These are all just MY OPINIONS.

    -I think she's either really shy, hurting or scared of being hurt.

    *maybe she takes a little while 2 open up 2 ppl, once they show her that their intentions are good

    *maybe she's not over a heartbreak that a guy caused. she might be over the guy & doesn't want 2 be with him anymore, but the heartbreak may still linger, which causes her 2 take things slow with u. (fearing that the same thing will happen again)

    *maybe she doesn't want to fall for you then you end up breaking her heart. it takes time & if you really like her then she's worth the wait.

    *I do think she likes u. why? she keeps in contact with you & frequently @ that. plus you mentioned her saying if its meant to be it will be. normally a girl would just emphasized that she's not interested or "let's just be friends"

    *If you can just somehow let her know that she's safe with you and that your not gonna cause her any pain then maybe things will change.

    • Thank you very much.

      She is a really, really shy girl. But she straight up said "the feelings aren't mutual". Isn't that a hint nothing will happen? And it is definitely not heartbreak. She's never been in a relationship and I do not think there has been another guy at all. So if you're right and she just doesn't want to get hurt, how can I let her know I won't let that happen?

    • I mentioned heartbreak because its possible 2 get your heartbroken even if u've never been in a relationship. If she's shy then you can reassure her that you guys can take it slow so she feels more comfortable. she mention not knowing you long enough after you confessed how much you like her. she wants 2 be friends 1st & get 2 know you more.thats why she don't wana kiss you again or say "the feelings is mutual". if she ever mentions scared of being hurt, tell her you won't & PROVE 2 her that you won't let it happen.

    • How do I prove that I won't hurt her? Just keep building trust?

      Didn't I already screw this up though? Why wouldn't she like me now if she was willing to eventually get in a relationship? First impressions are everything.

  • I think she wants hang out with you as friends because those are the feelings she has for you fiendly but she's open to see what ever happens,open to see if she likes you eventually. Just keep join out with don't pressure her or make he feel stressed. Keep getting to know each other it may end you guys falling in love or being just friends. But give it a try :)

    Good Luck!

    • The only problem is the "running out of time" issue. In a month and a half it is summer break. We would only be able to see each other a couple times. Then next year she is studying abroad and I won't see her then. I wanted something official before summer because she is an amazing girl and with being official I thought we could make things work out. So I guess I have to date other people now but it will not feel right because I have really strong feelings for this one girl.

    • I recovered well from the bad texts I sent and I think we will be able to hang out still. So my plan is to just hang out as much as possible until the end of the school year and then have a talk to her about where it's going. See what she wants and what I can do to get her to want a relationship and what we can do to keep our feelings alive when we can't see each other a lot. Does that sound like a good plan?

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