For how long is it acceptable to not call or text after a date?

We had our second date on Wednesday, when he told me how attractive he thought I was and that I was really hot, and wanted to keep seeing me, also asked if I was cool with that, before he left. It's been 3 whole days since and I've heard nothing. Is that normal? considering he seemed really into me?

So he called me, but he was all huffy and asked if I had anything we could smoke, because that's what we've been doing on our dates we well. I said id run out, but I could check with some people. And then he said he'd check as well and let me know so we could hang. And now I'm all wondering if he just said all those things to me to keep him happy so I'd keep supplying him. Geez


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  • Unfortunately because of a comedy movie called Swinger (its not pron) a lot of guys are under the impression that 3-7 days is the minimum waiting period before calling in order to not seem "over eager" which according to the film is an unattractive quality to a woman.

    Movies are full of crap but unfortunately guys believe what they hear on cable television and eventually it becomes and urban legend.

    Next time tell him what day and time frame you would like him to call you before or after. If he blows that off or forgets then he's not that into you.

    I'd arrange to have the person responsible for Swingers (Jon Favreau) assaulted for you but he went on to direct/produce the Iron Man movie which was really awesome so I suppose he redeemed himself.

    • Hmm, I'm not sure though that it's wise to attribute it all to the movie. Also he's a lot older to be playing games like this, he's 35. But you're probably right in that he might not want to come across as too eager. Oh well, ill never know, except to wait, and may be call him myself

    • @Update

      Huh, Not quite sure what to do with this info. To me smoking up and hooking up doesn't = a "date" but maybe my theory on what an actual date entails is different then yours. I might be hung on 1940 picnics and long walks on the beach and stuff because I'm into that sort of thing.

      It might not be your thing. That's OK. Whatever makes you happy. Who knows; he may think that YOU need something to smoke as an excuse to hang out.

      Maybe you should talk more to him. Be clear these are dates.

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  • well normally guys would call the next day or the day after, but since you seem to be sure that he likes you maybe he's just busy at school, work, .. etc why don't you send him a message asking what's wrong ?

  • sounds like it hun, be careful...

  • Ive been on a couple of these kind of dates recently. the guy ( on his own accord) says how sweet I am and pretty, and that he'll call me, then he doesn't. sometimes its hard to tell if a guy is being sincere when saying this or just because at the end of the date he wants to leave you on a good note and not hurt your feelings. I don't neccessarily think that 3 days is that long, Id give him a week and see if he calls. If he doesn't by then then you know your answer.