Is he just messing around?

I no this probably sounds dumb but you never no...if a guy messages you and tells you that ud be the perfect girlfriend and wed make such a cute couple, and that hell have to ask me out soon,when I reply id def say yes he seemed shocked, is he just messing? I'm only asking because instead of saying ill have to ask you out v soon why not just ask you out?x


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  • There was this scary guard dog where family and I had vacationed once during my childhood. It was huge and with its thick chain stretched tight as its huge paws dug into the ground, there was barely a foot and a half for me to squeeze when coming and going, between the house wall and the dog's wild bulging eyes and a huge toothy open mouth, barking deafeningly. Well one day the chain did break - I thought that would be the end of me - instead, the dog was so confused it no longer felt restrained, that it stopped barking and went into its doghouse.

    Some men are like that dog - when you say yes, they aren't sure what to do next, because they haven't thought it through that far, LOL.

    Oh, and here's a corollary for you: I that dog and I became friends a couple of days later. :)


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  • If I said something like this, it would probably be because I was testing the waters so to speak. Just a non threatening way of judging her interest. Most likely he likes you, but there is still a chance he was just playing around and was a bit shocked that you actually said yes.

  • I have no idea why they'd do that, maybe they didn't really expect you to be so straightforward about it and agree right away.

    Anyway you look hot in your pictures, I'm gonna have to ask you out very soon... ;)

  • He thinks that he has no chance lol... Or he is testing to see if you are single.

  • It's a slightly timid way to test the waters without asking someone out. If she looks like she'd say no, he can dismiss it as just harmless flirty banter.

    He probably isn't as sure of himself as he looks, and was surprised you'd say yes.

    • This. He wanted to gauge your reaction without actually putting himself in the line of fire

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