How do I go to prom with a guy just as friends?

I asked, he said yes.

He doesn't go to my school so he won't know people there, but we get along well so I thought it would be fun to catch up with a good friend. We don't see each other much because of the commute that it takes.

Anyways, how do I make it a friendly thing when it comes to going to prom together? I think there might be slow dances and some romantic stuff planned, but I don't want it to be awkward. Especially cause this guy and I USED to have some sparks that we let fizzle down... which I'm totally okay with.

He's also not from my school so how can I make him feel at ease around strangers?


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  • If you are meaning that you have boundaries as to how friendly it should be, such as meaning it is not like a real date, you are just my escort, that should have been established when you asked him. Of course there will be slow dances, no might about it!

    As to there might be romantic stuff planned, do you mean that it might happen and you are fine with it, or do you mean HE might think this is going to happen and you are not comfortable with it? If that is the case, again that should have come up when you asked him.

    If you are intending to make sure that your going together is as just friends, make that clear. If you are not sure of whether more would be okay, then you might be making too big of a deal out of this in advance and should just let the evening unfold and enjoy it, not worry about it.

    As to how to make him comfortable with people he doesn't know, it is the same as when a friend who is a girls goes with you to a function where she doesn't know most people. Be sure to introduce him to the people you talk with, and include him in the conversations. A quick explanation about situations he does not know about, or possibly filling him in after the conversation if it is more involved than a quick one line during the conversation.


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