How to make a second date happen the right way?

Every relationship I've had never really began with a 1st date, 2nd date. 3rd date sort of thing. Instead it usually began with girls I've met at parties and got crazy with and we had immediate chemistry right then and there.

But this time I'm pursuing a girl I've been interested in for a long while. I took her out to coffee and went to the park with her and she seemed to have a good time. But I'm not so sure if she did or not. At the end she had to leave and she hugged me before leaving.

Earlier today I sent a text message saying I had a good time and if she wanted to hang out tomorrow. So far I've got no response. Should I have done something different? I'm self conscious about looking too clingy. I recall her saying something about her friends having a housewarming party and I was welcome to come. You'd think these are all good signs, but I'm not sure if she digs me or not. How do I find out? How can I get her excited to see me? How can I make her want to hang out with me? How to I make a second date happen?


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  • When you talk to her again, ask her what she likes to do, what are her hobbies, etc. When she answers you ask her if she wants to do one of those things that your interested in too. Ask her if she had fun the last time you guys hung out. Also, a piece of advice about the clingy thing, don't keep texting her or calling her. Just text her back when she text you, call her every once in awhile, and act like your not really crushing on her. If she likes you she'll go with you and hang out on a second date. If she doesn't text you back, just let it go. She might not be available at the moment and it will get on her nerves if you keep texting her or she feels like she's the clingy one. If she hasn't texted you back in a couple of days, just let it go and find someone else to have a date with, but this time find out what they like to do before the date; that way it will be obvious they'll have a good time.

    • Thank you for your insightful answer. But she did not respond to my text today. I feel as though she ignored it. Do you think it is possible that she only pretended to have a good time just to be nice? If so, why would she do something like that.

    • She probably just likes you as a friend and didn't want to hurt your feelings. Just try another girl and use my advice(:

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