This guy that is crushing on me has his friend trying to text me.

Is this a bad idea not to text him back? I don't even know his friend. So I believe I shouldn't but what do you think is going on?


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  • Just ask him straight up. Not the friend, but the crush. If you think you might like him, ask him if he likes you. He's clearly nervous and embarrassed, but that doesn't mean you can't just get to the point.

    And if you don't think you like him, do the same thing, be straight with it, but instead of seeing if he likes you, say something more like "It feels like you're flirting with me but I'm just not interested".

    The truth is often harsher up-front, but aftwerwards everyone always appreciates having heard it rather than being led along.


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  • are you sure it's his friend and him pretending to be someone else?

    • I believe so .. From the side that the guy takes the guy crush phone away and sends me his number. Thru his phone

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