Newbie to the Dating Realm: Advice?

My friends and I most definitely agree that I have the soul of a four year old girl trapped in my body. I act young (when it’s appropriate), I wear scrunchies of rainbow colors religiously, and I don’t recognize the emotion of sadness on a daily basis. I’m not mental or anything, I’m just genuinely happy about everything. I went through a rough childhood, and I guess this is my reconciliation for it. I just cheer everybody else up because when I was young I had no one to cheer me up. I cheered myself up.

Now that you have that almost unrelated background, time for my question. I haven’t exactly entered the area of dating yet. I want to, but I’m so beyond lost. That is unmarked territory for me. I’ve liked the same guy for four years, he’s one of my closest friends (Yes, haters. I do have friends.) I guess he likes me too; at least that’s what I’d assume. People I don’t even know walk up to the two of us and ask how long we’ve been dating. Not IF. They assume we are. Not that I mind, of course…

I was just wondering what I should do. I’d like to ask him out. I would. But every time I try I just kind of stand there awkwardly. The last time that happened, people thought I had blacked out. I just stood there paralyzed. It was sad.

He’s found out before, that I like him… I think, five times? Give or take. At least he hasn’t stopped talking to me yet.

I’m an intelligent person (I completed a two credit geometry course before High School! Go Achievement!) I just genuinely can’t figure out what to do. Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks! :)


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  • I think if he's not asking you out that you should go ahead and ask him