When a guy responds to texts without "lol" and ;) faces......

...why is it that girls think that there is something wrong? Like, when I text my boyfriend and he says "k sorry I'm with my sister in fort collins" I think..."why wasn't he happy when he texted me that...I'm weird I know. Do any other girls feel this way?


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  • Guys think that texting faces and lol is like being a p****. Lots of guys try to avoid it.

    • You're implying being a p**** is weak. Vaginas squeeze out a live body 100 times their size. w-t-h does a penis do- sneeze out a few ounces.

    • No comment T.T

    • I think texting is p****. Any real man should be able to talk to a woman, not send broken up messages making no sense.

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  • alot of guys ask me what's wrong if I don't put a stupid ;) so I do, just because Its annoying being nagged.

  • No...I think you're along on this one...