Guys, has a girl ever asked you out or anything else?

And girls have you ever done that?

Never happened to me.

  • Yes, have asked me out
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  • Yes, have said that likes me
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  • Yes, have started a conversation
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  • No, but have given some signs that she likes me
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  • No, absolutely nothing
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I equate it to a UFO sighting. I have no personal experience with it. I don't know about anyone that it has happened to. I only hear about on the internet.

    I chose D. Some have shown signs, but that's it. lol I usually don't grasp it until well after when they do.


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  • Everyone's got their own style about doing that. Some girls ask, others insinuate, and still others just get their friends to tell you she like you.

  • Vote A B and C. I have a phobia of rejection so she asked me out, wouldn't recommend asking a guy out tough, I regretted not asking straight away

  • It's happen maybe 2 or 3 times.

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