Why did he take his time to do this?

well last night my ex and I were up talking for 3 ish hours and it was so much fun..he was going to bed at 11 than I was like you can't go to bed now..its to early wait til 12 cause I will go to bed..and he waited

than when I was going to bed he responded slowly so I was like well I'm gonna sleep now. ttyl and logged off

and he wrote the same later on in my message ttyl

than suddently when I'm in my bed I get a text from him

good night!

i mean he usually doesn't do tht :S why would a ex care to do that ?

btw the reason I'm asking is cause I believe he didn't ment to send ME the text but another girl ? mby I'm paranoid..


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  • You're over thinking it, but he prob still likes you and it seems as if you like him back.


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  • I don't think he made a mistake at all, but just being very nice. Of course we don't know why he is an ex, but 3 hrs + chatting and all would give all appearances of stll some very fond feeling on both sides here.