Guys...I really can't understand him!!

what's the point of texting someone like everyday...sometimes all the night and not asking that person out.

We met at a party, he started talking to me, then he asked me if I wanted his number and then he texted me.

I wasn't sure if he was interested as I had move in another city and I told him I was looking for new friends and he said "i'll be your friend", so I was nice but not too nice. Anyway we were texting for the first time and started talking about being single...he asked what's my type..and "what about me?" and so on but I was a bit cold. Few day later I texted him and I started flirting a bit with him (I also told him that he's hot). Since then we have texted like everyday or almost everyday and sometimes all the all started about 2 weeks later maybe more...anyway he knows I'd like to go out with him but he doesn't ask me to (he's not shy or insecure) why is that? I mean he knows I find him attractive so even if he wants just a shag he should try and ask me out...(tho that's not what I'm looking for) Why is that? I'm not going to ask him out because: 1- I'm shy and he knows it and 2-he knows I wanna go out with him...he just need to ask!


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  • Could be true. I text girls when I'm interested them for agessssss before I ask them out. I don't know why, he might be getting you back for shutting him down earlier? He might like someone else.vor maybe he's shyer than you think. Or maybe he thinks you're to shy to actually go out with?


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