Seriously confused.....Which guy?

Last night I had a preparty BBQ at my house before going clubbing

The guy I like came but he was distant with me all night and didn't even sit by me as he normally does.

But a guy I invited just to be nice, said he probably wouldn't come because he was tired and didn't plan on going out did come.

We went to the club us three and another guy(so me and three guys) the one I like was still being distant the most he did was show me where the bathroom was but the other guy was buying me drinks and making sure I was having fun and okay. He stayed by me all night and even walked me to my bus after the club shut.

But as I was on the bus home all of them texted or called me

To stay thank you(the third guy)

To check I was safe on the bus(the guy I like)

To chat a bit more(the guy who I think likes me)

So I'm quite positive the one who walked me to the bus likes me, but isn't it a bad sign if the guy I like I kinda pulling away? He did come to the party and even helped others get there and though he didn't RSVP at all he called me when he was on his way to see if I needed anything and when I said I didn't know that he was coming he acted as if I was stupid for thinking he wasn't gonna come

So it's gotten worse! The guy I like totally fell off the planet and wasn't responding to anyone texts or messages, he responded to mine a bit but then stopped after two days. I saw him to night where we work and he was still weird. The chat was awkward, both of us rushing to speak so there wasn't a void. Which is something I never do, I don't mind silences. But something is definitely up, he either really likes me or he is totally pushing away because he doesn't like me
It got to the point where his best friend was calling me and texting me to see if I knew where he was. It lasted from Saturday until today when we had to see him because he had to work. And he acted like nothing happened and it wasn't weird. I brought it up and he seemed to think it was no big deal to ignore everyone


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  • The guy you like still might like you, but is taking a step back if he knows his friend likes you too. At least until his friend figures out you don't like him like that.

  • You're probably fine. He just didn't want to be a dancing monkey fighting for your attention. It's not generally a ton of fun for any guy to be on an outing with 2 other guys and a girl. He was being a good sport to be there in the first place. The fact that he checked to see your were safe suggests he's still interested.

    • See we all work together so I figured he would be able to tell the difference between how I act to him and how I acted with the other guys. I see the other guys only as friends.

      But last night two random guys came up and tried to pull me too on top of our two friends being a bit flirty with me.

      I didn't flirt back but I guess instead of him getting jealous he pulled away. I don't know what to do he's a shy guy so I can't just tell him how I feel

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    • How'd it turn out? I woudn't read anything into a 2 hour delay, but seeing as how it's been a few days, presumably you have a better sense of where you stand?

    • You sure you still want this guy?

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