Not responding, after 2 great dates...

Hey guys, this girl gave me her number a few weeks back and we have met a couple times. There has been major signs she is interested (heck she is practically treating me like your bf). She has responded to every text in a timely manner, if anything mostly within at least 20min sometimes with a few min. So I asked her about possibly heading out for lunch/dinner than a walk. She still hasn't got back to me. I sent it yesterday at this time (11am), it is now 11am the next day. So my question is what is going on? I know she had a few plans this weekend (however I never gave a day, I just thought I'd mention it).

By the way she was first interested in me and dropped me her number...

Would you recommend texting her back, to clarify my message.. maybe it wasn't really clear, it was a little long.
Anything that would help break the awkwardness? What should I send as a followup text.


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  • sounds like she had a change of mind. that's allowed

    • Did I say it wasn't?

    • Just curious why such a turn around I wonder, but I'll probably never know I guess.

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  • Okay, firt of all, you sent a message yesterday and she hasn't gotten back to you a day later. Definitely not time to panic. WAY to many good explainations for why she may not have responded yet.

    Secondly, you say you had 2 great dates and that she seems really interested in you. Just to check on how great and how interested here's a question: Have you kissed her yet?

    • Well, the first date was just a lunch date at work. The second date was coffee and we grabbed something out. We both stated we should do it again and she hugged me.

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    • It never happened lol. She said she would "let me know, for sure" so I am still waiting... we shall see. She still sounds interested, but since Easter is coming up see might just want to go home. I am not holding my breath with her, in fact I've basically given up.

    • That sucks my friend. On to the next one!

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