Will I ruin all chances with the guy I like if I go to prom with another guy?

I've liked the same guy for a while, and I think he's felt the same too for years, it seems. We're both way too shy around each other, though. It's senior year now, and my friends want me to go to another school's prom with this other guy (So, I'd still be able to go to prom with the guy I like, but only if he asks at our own school.) but I'm worried once he finds out I went to another prom with another guy, he will think I either don't like him anymore, or will just get mad/bitter about it and forget about ever trying to talk to me/ask me out ever. But part of me thinks that if I go with this guy to that prom, it will encourage the guy I really like to talk to me before the other guy "becomes my boyfriend" (which I don't intend on,) Either way, my friends want me to go with this guy and I think I'd have a good time. I just don't want the consequences to be possibly disastrous with the guy I do like.

(He went to a school dance with another girl two years ago, I got mad about it, shut him off from my life completely, but I had time to think it over and forgive him. But since it's senior year prom, he won't have the time to forgive me if he gets mad, then we won't see each other ever again.)


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  • Ok, so you are a senior and have been crushing on him for a long time, ha may have as well on you? Obviously he either doesn't like you, or he is shy. I'll be honest when I say I can't possibly know which is it. Which is why the only thing I can do for you is to try and make this simpler. Everything else would be a presumption I can't stand behind. ^^'

    Think about it. First presume he is shy.

    In this case, you going to that other prom will HIGHLY likely, cause him to forget about asking you and back of. So if you care about him at all, the answer would of course be, not to go.

    Now presume he just doesn't like you.

    In this case, not going to that other prom, and STILL not being asked to prom by him, will hurt and be a regretful decision.

    THE ONLY thing you need to figure out here is if he likes you. I'll dare to presume you probably can't be certain, so I only have to advise you to figure this out:

    What would hurt more? Missing out on the second prom, or missing out on him.

    Whatever you conclude, that is your answer.

    Now I'm in kind of trouble myself. If you feel I may have helped you, I really hope you can return the favor. My question is the one bellow yours, titled: "Should I leave my best friend and never look back?"

    If you answer, thanks. ^^

    • Hey, thanks so much for replying to this, and with such an extended answer! *_* I hope my answer on your question helps (your sitch seems like something that would happen in a movie!) anyways, you make a great point about finding out wether he likes me or not, because that would be a disaster if it turns out that he does and I go to the other prom. My only problem is I don't know how to find out if he likes me or not w/o me or one of my friends straight up asking him. Any suggestions? Thanks! :D

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    • I think so too!But there's only one reason I think he may not like me, or at least, doesn't want to admit it.My friend asked him if he liked me and he simply walked away.Then that same friend asked him again (on his own accord.)& the second time,my crush got defensive, said "no, stop asking." I apologized for my friend's actions toward him & he said "You should have known by the way I acted."then he told my friend he only will date someone he really likes. But he still acts the "I like you" way.

    • Well if this is the case, I have to tell you it is a good reason to doubt he may like you. Sometimes guys reciprocate our feelings because they like the attention and that is not so rare as one would think. But I really can't be sure here. Neither can you. I say ask him to prom. Whatever happens will make things right. We can guess all day, but please don't be me in the end! ^^ Good luck and whatever happens, I hope you find a way to make nice memories out of it all. =D