First two dates were great...but the third one wasn't so much so now...

...Does that mean he still won't want to see me? Did I blow it? Or should I just relax and stop over thinking it?


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  • If the first two were great I would think that he would realize this, and the fact that no body is perfect. If he is interested he should try for a fourth, but if the third was really bad, to the point he is not interested at all then he probable won't even bother.

    • well it wasn't too bad, there was just at one or two points of the outing that I could tell werent good at all. but OK ill just relax and wait and see what happens next. cause we mutually agreed early on that neither of us wants a relationship and we just wanna have fun and date.

    • well there you go, if neither wants anything serious you should not need worry.

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