He invited me to his place instead of coffehouse. Does he only want sex?

The guy I really like, I asked him out.

He said let's meet at my place. So I'm invited to his place.

I really want to go.

But is it bad if I do? On the first date/meeting,

Please answer. I really like him and don't want to be his bootycall or whatever.


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  • You may be tempted to have sex. Every first date meeting at my house has resulted in having sex. Didn't plan on it, but if you start making out, it could very well happen. If you sleep with him on the first date, he probably won't call you back. I myself wouldn't.

    • Ok, assuming I don't have sex with him then. I'm pretty certain I wont, I have control. I might kiss him though! Advice? Shall I not even kiss?

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    • so I could go home to him?

    • I would try to set the date somewhere else for a first time thing. Restaurant, park, or something.

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