Heard the love at first site thing in the movies but can it really happen

Seems unlikely in modern times more out of a old movie. But went out with some friends to a local bar. My friends spotted this tall dark haired woman setting at the bar chatting with her female friend. She kept looking over my friends kept saying go talk to her but I am the type of guy who prefers one night stands over relationships. Now this girl had relationship type written all over her so told my buddies to have at it she is not my type type as in I would have to put in way to much work to get laid. So all 3 of my buddies tried talking to her she shot them down. Now I'm curious why this girl thinks she is to good to talk to them so I go over. And looked in her eyes and should have walked away. But I didn't we talked the rest of the night we didn't feel like going to the dance floor so just made are own where we were standing then kissed. Now most times this is we're I make my move to get them to my place but I stopped and looked at her she told her friend I would talk her home and I stopped and said to her not tonight and that I would call her tomorrow and we could go do something without the liquor being involved.

So ladies she wanted to go home with me but because I said wait untill tomorrow were we was not drinking did I blow it? Should I have just taken her home? Or was it the right thing to do? And does anyone really think moments like this really happen?


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  • Everything under the sun can happen. Maybe if you stop looking for angles to do thinks the quick and easy way, you might just accidentally fall for someone. Nothing was ever ruined because you didn't decide to make a cheap thrill out of it, though.

  • I hope it can


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