What does it mean when he stares at me and acts like he likes me but won't follow through to hang out?

So I am really cofused about this guy. I have known him my whole life ad I have basically liked hm my whole life. And through the years we have flirted back and forth, and last year (9th grade) it got k ind of more frequent and "severe." So this year I finally got up the courage to ask him to hang out. And when I asked him he seems genuinely happy that I asked him and he seemed like he wanted to. And I tried making plans with him for one weekend and he said he couldn't that weekend. And I didn't want to seem pushy so I just told him to let me know when he wanted to do soemthing. And tha was a week or two ago and he hasn't bothered even trying to make plans with me. So f course I get discouraged and think he doesn't want to. But then he still shows signs that he likes me. Since we don't have any classes together I never see him except for like 15 minutes in the morning but he is always taling to his friends, so tehrefore we never talk. But when I am looking, I catch him staring at me in the morning. And I went to a basketball game Friday (he plays) and there was a ton of eye contact and stargin between us. Once, I got up to get a snack and when I came back in he was sitting in the exact spot where I had been sitting. So I don;t know the deal. What does it mean when he acts like ge likes me but doesn't follow thorough to hang out wiht me?

He can't drive yet, but I can. My mom seems to think he is waiting until he gets his license so he cana drive me, not the other way around.

Or is he just not interested in me at all?


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  • He may just be nervous to bring up hanging out with you. Next time you talk I would playfully be like "so when are we going to hang out, mister? you avoiding me?!" Definitely make it playful though with a smile so he doesn't think you are upset or anything. If he makes excuses for being busy and doesn't make plans after that then you should move on to someone else. But kudos to you for asking him to hang out in the first place!

    • Thanks

      after I posted this his stepmom told my mom he was extremely shy around girls

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