What can be her deal?

So I've been with my girlfriend for almost-ed 8 months. During all those months I'd thought our relationship by all means would get intense ect. In the case I'm in, it's not happening, and what I mean is. Every-time I'd go for a kiss, she would back away and make weird lip movements to avoid being kissed on the lips or every-time there's a good moment she doesn't, the only time she does is the very last second I have with her, which is I think kinda ridiculous. I don't know what's her deal in all this.


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  • I'm assuming you haven had sex with her... that's weird I mean the first few months with my boyfriend I couldn't stop making out with,kissing his lips, his neck, his face. I wanted to feel his touch. Love when hugged me tide!. And to be honest we're almost a year and I still feel the same way. I love him.

    • Well I'm happy for you and I just don't know what to do about this.

    • You should talk to her. Tell her you feel like she doesn't want you and ask her why she is being so cold towards you. Honestly if she doesn't do anything about it break up with her,She is not into you .Get yourself a girl that can't stop kissing you!

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  • How many dates has she broke with you bro?

    • No, were still together. This is pretty much our relationship.

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    • maybe she thinks she has bad breath...or you do...After 8 mos..if you guys can't talk about something like this.. then what are you doing together 8 mos later?

    • It's not about our breathes.. I'm not asking her to make out with me.. (which never happened ever) It's rather kinda embarrassing to say.