Would this be too desperate?

Was making plans to see a girl.

So I said let's go out on Friday, she says she might not be free Friday but definitely available on Thursday.

Me, thinking Thursday may not be convenient, stupidly say, "Let's make it Friday, if you can't make it we'll do it next week." So she said ok.

Now, I'm thinking I'd really like to see her this week instead of waiting till next week, so I'm thinking of backtracking and telling her we should go out on Thursday since it's guaranteed she'll be available.

But I'm thinking this may come off as a little too eager or desperate that I go around changing my plans for her.

What do you think?


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  • Nah, when it's Wednesday (little late notice, I know), just text her something like: hey, you know, it's gonna be a beautiful day tomorrow, and I remembered that you're free, so why not meet up tomorrow?

    Just ask it!

    There's a lot of time and effort wasted on the waiting game.


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  • Just play it off that Thursday is actually more convenient for you after all and ask if she is still free. Then things will blow over.