Guys please choose one of these!

Girl 1:

Height: 155

Weight: 39- 40 kg (and brags about it)

Eyes: Brown and small

Lips: between thin and medium

Hair: Black, long, straight, light

Skin: very light light brown (?)

Nose: small

Teeth: she calls herself rabbit teeth but they're not bad at all, just big compared to her tiny face.

Personality: Funny, outgoing, bad tongue (swearer#, good at school, kind a snob sometimes and brags a lot!

Friends: Has dozens of them. #very sociable#


Height: 172

Weight: I don't really know but wears a size 6 pants.

Eyes: Brown and big, long thick eyelashes.

Lips: fairly full

Hair: light brown, long, straight, thick

Skin: white

Nose: medium

Teeth: nice white ones I guess

Personality: Funny, outgoing #BUT, shy around her crush as what I've noticed), very intelligent, down to earth!

Friends: has one best friend and fine with everyone.


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  • Girl one definitely... But that's just me, I guess, people have different types don't we...

    • LOL would tell why?!

    • Pictures would make this so much easier, but I don't know, the description is a description of a girl who is kind of my type :P

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  • Most likely neither.

    • Lol why?!

    • You said 1) has a snob attitude... That probably equates to some sort of daddy issue and while I know how to handle that type of girl, I don't want to deal with the drama that comes with it. You said 2) is shy around her crush, which means anytime she's with a guy she likes, conversation is going to be extremely taxing. It's hard to ever get a start with a girl when they are very shy. You go on a date with them, and they are so scared to say the wrong thing, that they might end up not saying one

    • word the entire date. Good chemistry and interesting conversation is important to me. Shy girls with no self confidence are not much fun.

  • Girl 2

    • Why did you choose her?! lol

    • Well, cause she sounds cool and can relate to her description. Plus, for girl 1, I hate braggers

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