Should I text him or leave it?

me and my guy just ended things basically for actions that I had done without really realizing. I want to fix things but I don;t know it I should give him some space first or send him a text saying I never realized how these actions came across and that I'm sorry and that I still want to be with him. just ended things yesterday


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  • I personlly went through somethig familiar with my boyfriend weeks ago... but in my own opinion I would definitely recomend you to give him a call or ask him if you guys could meet up somewhere so you guys can talk person to person... its always bettter that way... and really let him know how it is that you feel, he'll really understand if he really cares for you if not give him time to think about it, most of the time people do need time to think over about things... if you hear nothing back from him, do your best to move on at least you gave it a try... I'm sure there will be a guy out there who would truly understnd you!

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