When you say the wrong thing because you changed how you approach?

So when you say something to a girl or post it in a mail on a dating website that's out of your normal.

You may use to comment on how you liked their profile, their smile, their body what ever you use to say but you decide to change it because it doesn't work for you, and it BLOWS UP IN YOUR FACE!

How does that make you feel?

Here is what happen.

ME: Profile looks right, you look decent. okay, so what are you all about? Nothing like a little chat to actually get to know someone beyond what a website tells us to write down.

HER: I understand. But you came off more as offensive than as not knowing what to say. No girl wants to hear they look decent, especially after a comment that our profile looks right. We want to hear what you liked about our profile and if you thought we were cute or pretty.

I would recommend thinking a little more before sending a message. :)

ME: Yea I sent it off and said to myself, now why did you do that knuckle head? You're going to be called a jerk. In all honesty I'm not sure how to approach girls I've tried telling girls I actually message they look really good, good smiles or good eyes and I get nothing... I didn't know what I was thinking

You're a very attractive girl, but I didn't want to lay it on thick, but I guess I just acted like a fool. So you're right, I didn't think enough at all. Too late now I suppose.

Wish I could start over now.

ME: Okay well I'm going to say what I really wanted to say and really think before I said keep it simple, make the joke about how profiles are hard to really expand on... ect... bad things... crash burn...

I like that you're a hard worker because I see you have your Master's and in a subject that isn't stereotypical or easy.

I like that you are not afraid you're geeky like you LIKE SYFY! I love Syfy, anything from blacklibrary is right up my ally. I also love the Lensmen books (which I need to finish up.)

I love that you're not some girl who is all about the club scene (at first glance) and you enjoy being real and down to earth. You're a girl who likes sports which hey I'm okay at sports so lol.

You like movie genres that I like which I think is a plus.

That's some of what I want to say. I've got more, but at this time I'm flustered that I screwed up.

HER: I appreciate you are trying. You haven't totally screwed up. I am a little busy tonight but I will try and message you when I can.

So what do you do? I'm like uh... F**K I liked this girl and she's not 100miles away this time...

So... Does this happen to some of you *GIRLS AND GUYS* and What do I do about that? I'm glad it's going to possibly turn good, but I screwed up and I'm walking a fine line now.


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  • We learn by our mistakes. So "You look decent enough" ought to earn you a phD...

    Next time, try "You'll do." Or for the advanced class : "I suppose you'll do."