I need advice !! Guys/Girls pleaseee help a girl out!!!!

Long story short I've known this guys for over a year!..but we recently have gone dancing , then he invites me to his house we watch movies then make out but I'm a virgin so we Haven't done anything!..He has a baby of 2 yrs..He was with the babys mom for 7 yrs...my question specially guys is he ready for a serious relationship? obviously we are both attracted to each other! ..He is older also I'm 23 he is 27..when I've gone to his house he has text me after he enjoys my company, so is he ready WHAT? oim confused I LIKE HIM a lot and it sucks when I don't get a text but I don't want to text him and be annoying help!

I like hearing from people young and old so please answer ! :)


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  • You need to be more patient with him texting you back. You never know why he isn't getting back to you as fast as you want. If he is going after you, you should trust that he is ready for a relationship so the question should simply be if you're ready. Especially with you being a virgin are you ready for a serious relationship?

    • U are so right! its only been one day but I did the texting and now I want HIM to text so yes ill be patient, thank you its just as a girl you overthink a lot and its good hearing fron someone to just be patient lol thanks, and yes I am so ready for a relationship NO DOUBT ! :)

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