Help me please! Boy troubles!

So me and my guy had been dating for 2 months when he up and ended things out of no where on Sunday, he said he had been think and fifn;t see us going anywhere and didn;t want to lead me on and that i;m a great girl. he just said that the past week had been to much because I had gone out almost everynight and then when I didn;t see him on Friday it really hit home and he also said I had too much drama surrounding me right now because 2 times I got in confrontations/ "fights" at the bars, it just doesn;t make sense because Saturday we were fine at dinner holding hands and everything, then he goes on to say that he still wants to keep and touch and he doesn't know what the future holds for us but right now its not working? PLEASE help me any advice would be great! should I step up and tell him how I feel and try to save things if that's at all possible or let him go and give him space?


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  • He could be lying or embellishing the truth.

    In my experience, this sudden decision about what to do comes from other people in his life. Either friends, or a new girl that he discovered without your knowledge. In this case, unless you've done something drastically wrong that he doesn't like and didn't express to you, then he found another girl.

    So he introduced the idea of staying in touch, then on the Saturday night at dinner, and then ended things on the Sunday? Tell him that you feel it is very sudden, and that if he did find another girl, it's okay to tell you about it.

    A mistake guys and girls make is often to not discuss the relationship with the person they're actually having it with! Don't get me wrong, discussing it with friends is important too, but in the end, you should tell your partner if they're causing you discomfort, because your partner might just be honestly oblivious.

    If he found another girl, accept it and move on. Otherwise, express to him that you didn't a chance to discuss the cause of his problems with you, and take that opportunity to discuss them. It may end up you still break up, but at least things have resolved properly.

    Good luck honey.


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