First date and I am freaking out!! Guys someone help!!

OK so I have been asked to go out to dinner with a guy that is 6 years older then me. And I really like him.

I am freaking out because I have never gone on a date with a guy. Never kissed a guy never held hands with a guy never hang out with a guy by myself. Plus I'm sure he has been on heaps of dates before because he is really good looking and kind. I haven't told him that I've never had a boyfriend before. Should I tell him?

After dinner we are going either ice skating or going to the movies.

I don't no what I should wear. I don't no if I should have curly hair or straight.

I forgot to add that I am 19
Do guy not like girls that have never dated or been with a guy before?


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  • If he's used to you with straight hair stay straight, if curly stay curly. You can experiment later but there is at least the possibility that he quite liked your hair how it is! Dress appropriately for where you're going but by all means pick the appropriate outfit you think looks best.

    If he asks about dating experience be honest but don't bring it up.

    Try your best to relax an have fun and see if you enjoy being with him. The goal is not to impress him it's to see if you two enjoy being together.

    He might take your hand while walking and I assume would I skating. Try not to freak out.


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  • If he asks about your dating experience, tell him the truth. It's a good conversation starter.

  • Don't tell him you've never dated before.

    Just relax and enjoy yourself.

    Wear what ever you like, that you find comfortable. Curly or straight hair... it's up to you. Wear it how you like.

    • Re: Update

      "Do guy not like girls that have never dated or been with a guy before?"

      It will make him immediately start thinking "What's wrong with this girl?" and you don't want that.

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