Am I looking for a rebound or why am I doing this?

I was in a relationship with a girl and she was almost the only person I was seeing I mean I didn't meet my friends like I had before the relationship. And when she damped me, after a rough break up, I was in a depression like 3 months, now the 4th month has just finished. And feel better hopefully. I had relationships before, and the break ups were a lot easier. I guess because I really felt for her, I had never met anyone like her, and this after the breakup time was simply unbearable. before the relationship I usually was kind of a shy guy, I mean in a good way, I was confident has never had a problem with approaching a girl, but I did it seldom, when I really liked one and was very choosy.

But after a breakup, as it is very new feeling for me, I started approaching girls, like I have a habit of talking with her I tried to talk with girls. therefore in 4 months I met 15 maybe 20 or more (online and in person) girls or approached and tried to date or was in a position of like predating of at least 5 of them. Or 5 of them were flirting with me very freely. And at some stage I did cancel it, I did say that we can be friends only.

What I don't understand is that usually before I only approached one girl in 2-3 months, but now - 3-5 per month. Am I looking for a rebound or why am I doing this?


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  • hmm..maybe because you're looking for your ex-girlfriend in another wanna see "her" in another girl, you are hoping you'll see "her"..but there is only one "her"

    so you'll keep searching and searching/..subconsciously,you wanna find "her"..

    that's just my opinion..

    maybe your heart wants to compensate for something that feels empty inside? maybe..i really don't know but I hope you find true happiness..goodluck (:


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