Girls, how serious is saying "we are compatible" to you?

Girls when you say this to a guy do you only say it when you truly mean it or is it something that you throw out there freely without it truly meaning something?

Do you just say it to any guy your seeing or only those special ones that you like a lot?

Does it also matter to you when you say it? for example a few weeks into the relationship or a few months?

I know you might say "well I only see someone that I'm compatible with" but if that's the case then every relationship would be perfect and last forever, no? You might feel compatible at first but do you ever really tell them? Its like saying "I love you"...the first few weeks or the first month may be amazing but your going to be hesitant to say the L-word. So is this kind of the same thing?


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  • I can sense that there was a girl who told you that line, but acted differently afterward and thus crushed your heart, no? If yes, I'm sorry.

    To answer your question. It really depends on the girl as it isn't a gender thing rather than a personality matter. I have girlfriends who keep on saying such things to every guy that have a slight crush on. The use the L word so easily and they act like they were born for each other. After a while, she gets bored and jump onto another guy and tell him the exact same words.

    I know other girls who never say the L word except after knowing the guy for months, even years. Such girls believe in deep, true feelings that are pure and unique which obviously don't occur every day. They also believe that leading a guy on is dirty and shameful. I belong to this category of girls.

    Beware of people who sweet talk you very early in a relationship, even regular friends. This is a red flag for anyone. It means that they're either attention seekers, liars or players.

    So yeah, such people exist and I'm sorry if this happened to you. Hope this helps. :)

    • i don't know if my heart is crushed, more hurt/confused, but more confused haha

      and she said it to me when we broke up because she isn't ready to do the serious thing right now (because of her past ex and other things). We saw each other for 4 months and when she talked about not being ready I asked her her feelings towards me and she said she liked me a lot and thought we were compatible...its a long story and just over all confusing. I know she likes me, I just don't know what the future holds

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    • will do, thank you for the advice/listening

    • You are welcome. :)

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