What do you think of people who talk about futures from the beginning?

I hate it when I go on a date with a guy and he'll immediately start talking about our future. "Well when we get married" or "We'll have to do that with our children," or even, "How many houses will you want?" You barely know me, and you're already talking about us getting married? That annoys me so much. It seems so clingy and, worst of all, insincere. By saying that so early, the guy is basically telling me he doesn't need to (and never intends to) love me; as a person, I am not important. He has his own agenda, and I happen to fit in.

What do you think of people who do this?


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  • THIS is far more common in girls then in guys. Plenty of seemly nice girls I've never called again because they were planning our wedding before they ever knew my full name.

    Massive turn off. I get that some people want to look forward to that future. But people like that make me think they would actually be happier with a man-shaped cardboard cutout.

    When I was single I've ended dates like that with superhuman speed. No matter how hot the girl was. Anyone who's planning our future without actually getting to know me doesn't actually need me in her future.

    • That is exactly how I feel! And I would expect it to be more common in girls; that's why I was so surprised to have MORE THAN ONE GUY do it to me RECENTLY.

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  • Don't go out with guys like that unless you really are thinking of finding a guy that will settle down and support you. You're still young (I'm a hypocrite) so don't think about that just yet! Look for a guy that is fun but not a complete joker or drunkard. Go for nice guys but not goody-goodys. If he's talking about your futures whenever you two meet, it's just not good. He's so confident that you two have a bond that he's thinking you'll be together into the far future. Your "his" in his eyes. Trust your instincts here and walk away!

    • Yeah, I know that, it's just really obnoxious! I can't believe people would do that. Get to KNOW me before you decide whether you can live with me!

      Because I assure you, if you do not, you probably won't last a day in my house. I will probably ACTUALLY kill you.

  • Ohh I thought you were talking about Z future, like future flying cars and robots lol. Well he is just to over excited and I thiiiiiink he lacks of girlie knowledge like what he should be talking about with them, in fact you can talk about anything if you think about it. Don't blame him, but I do know it is Extremely annoying lol honestly I wouldn't want to hear that ether unless we are already in years with our relationship. But I still love the future lol :)

    • Funnily enough, more than one guy I've gone out with has done this to me! It's obnoxious! I'm looking for marriage in the long run, but right now I just want your company and to have fun!

    • I know exactly what you talking about. Now that's where intelligence should come first ( not book intelligence) but life intelligence. Try to look for that, and I give you 99.9% you will get what you want. Also, just saying, lower your appearance standard if you have one would help you A LOT in finding what you looking for.

    • My appearance standard? I don't think that has anything to do with it. In fact, the guys who have done this to me have been the ones I've lowered my standards for. The hot guys don't want to settle down.

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