What do you expect at the first date of the guy?

Question for girls What do you expect at the first date of the guy? What do you expect and why?


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  • i don't really date. I just like to get to know people casually. but if I was going to go on a that tye of thing. like pre planned... , id like something like walking in the rain. then continuing to walk till were dry. buying a smoothie climbing a tree & reading/ listening to music. till we get restless. then walking to a train station & hopping on a train to anywhere.

    Wed, split the cost of course.

    id expect him to tell m if he didn't like something. & not just go along with w/e. & if he talked about himself, thatd be good. listened to me talk about myself. asked questions. very important. answered , even more important. but comfortable silence is totally acceptable as well.

  • Depends on how long iv known the guy.. but I just expect him to be nice and funny... all girls wanna be comfortable so don't ask weird questions or make a move unless she gives you signals!

  • I've never been on a real date... I think I would enjoy something simple. And, although I will try to pay, I would like it if he did...

  • i honestly don't expect anything anymore. If you mean neccesities, they should pay and open doors for you, you have no idea what this does, also don't talk about your ex unless she asks and be discreet about it. Don't tell her you'd like to see what her blood looks like under a microscope either, or have long phone conversations while she's waiting inside.

  • I expect him to talk about his interests or ask about mine. For some reason people are more interested in talking about pointless parts of a relationship rather than dealing with what really matters. What are your beliefs on G-d? What do you believe is moral/ethical and why do you believe it to be so? What's the point of discussing petty stuff like your favorite color/ band when you don't even share the same belief system?

    I find it annoying but I let the guy take over the question asking so I don't come on too strong and freak them out lol. Although after 5 seconds of talking with me they should figure out that I'm pretty insane lol.

    • why would you want to be with someone, you didn't feel comfortable talking to. why would you want a guy, you couldn't ask questions of , without him thinking you're crazy. that makes no sense to me.

      better to date a guy whos into crazy. tho I can't imagine you're that crazy, if you don't even let yuouself talk.

    • I didn't mean it like that. I meant I'm trying to be polite. You have to give people some breathing room. I don't need to yell at someone and not let them get a word in edgewise so they'll think I'm crazy. Like I said, you realize it after spending 5 seconds with me. And I talk a LOT. I just let him say his piece too. We both talk the same amount, I just let him ask the questions then ask the same one back.

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