First date - which is a better place?

Going to ask a girl out for coffee. We are both coffee lovers. So which is better:

Option 1: Cafe that serves average coffee but is close to a river/park where I can hopefully get a kiss.

Option 2: Cafe that serves excellent coffee which will impress her but in a busy part of town. May be awkward trying to kiss her in public.

So ... should I impress her with great coffee or would getting a kiss be more gratifying?


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  • Focus on impressing her and showing her how good your taste is! That will make her more likely to go on a second date with you because she knows you will bring her someplace good. At that time you two will know each other better and a kiss should be inevitable. Make the decision because girls like a guy who is confident and knows what the hell he's doing :)


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  • Well, I live in a big city so I would usually pick number two, just because I've been to dates in public and still kissed anyway. I'm just used to it.

    option one sounds like it would work, but option two would also be great because you can talk about how great the coffee is and maybe people watch and have a conversation about that. I'd go for impressing her and having good conversation over the kiss.

  • Cafe close to the river. A walk along the river would be super romantic. But, don't push the kiss on the first date.

  • i personally think it would be best to go to option 1! and maybe afterward you guys can take a walk by the river/park... it gives time for you guys to talk more and maybe get the kiss you want!:) but then again don't push it! jut follow the flow! and Good Luck!:)

  • let her decide

    • Err, I don't think I can say, "Do you want to go to this cafe which is by the river so we can kiss?" Sounds a bit creepy.

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    • say something along the lines of "I was thinking of taking you for coffee and I have these two places in mind..." then ask here which she would prefer, Great coffee or a nice 'walk' in the park after.

    • yup that works

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