I don't know which guy t o choose. What should I do?

So I like this guy. I have for YEARS. He likes me too. We flirt a lot and have become very close friends, I can tell him anything and get advice from him and he can do the same for me. The only thing holding us back is that he has a girl friend that he loves even though he likes me (he told me that he likes me). He likes her more. Also age is a problem. He's 18 and I'm only 14 but I've really fallen for him. Because the way I see it is age is only a number the law just doesn't agree.

whenever I see him and his girlfriend together it kills me. I start to cry because we can't be together.

there's another person too. We don't have as much history. He's 15 and worth dating but I don't know if I should. At school it seems like he treats me different than when were texting each other and I told him that and he said sorry. But it feels like I can't help it.. Like I have no control over either situation...

I just don't know what to do and who to go after or if I should go after either guy

please help me?


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  • Well first, freaking out isn't going to help the situation, so just take a step back and a deep breath. Okay, now that you've done that... It's complicated yes, but the guy you actually like has a girlfriend. It would absolutely horrible for you to break up that relationship for your own gain & a relationship based upon betrayal isn't a good way to go.

    The 15 y/o you say is dateable, but isn't really that nice to you. Don't bother yea... He treats you differently all the time, NOT cool. Now, obviously I can't TELL you why to do... But honestly I think you should just wait; wait until you meet someone who you feel insane about, who you can't go a day without and who treats you how you deserve to be treated.


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