Should I continue to date her?

I am a 16year old junior in high school and she is 18 year old senior

I started to go out with her on December 22 and she is a nice girl I asked her out by the way

I asked her out because she was diffrent and nice and love to draw even if here work isn't that great I loved that she would share them with me I confessed to her in a letter that I wanted to date

I met her parents and her brother and little sister

At first things were alright but I am just starting to get irritaed by a few things she does

she is obsessed with things of pop culture nature especially the band the monkees

she literly won't eat veggitables and has a poor diet

She can barely excercize due to her asthma and shs also ginger so she can't stay in the sun

the way she laughs constantly changes

she is overly emotional at certain times like if she is yelled at she will pout and cry

Whereas if someone she knew died she didt shed a tear

Btw that actually happened

When she is upset angry she irritates me because she try's imitating the people who made her upset and sounds like the people from Charlie brown

I know she wanted to date a supposed musical composer who can only play 3 dam chords on a guitar

I do believe she still does

she says she only had eyes for me

She kisses me everyday

She talks to me until she fells asleep

she cried before in my arms of Valentine's day stating she never had a valintine

She is a cute nice girl

Au have been somewhat intimate with her but we are both never had sex and I do not intend on having it because I don't think I love her prom is coming up and I intend on going with her and will not break it off before that because that extremely rude edpecially when she has a dress I feel depressed being with her and happy at other times

I have dated a few other girls and I always felt elated and joyful to see them like a few when sunlight hits your bare skin and feel ever so warm in the past . I said I love you to ast girlfriends like a guy should

I tend to not throw around that word and I want to say to her in the past but I feel depressed about it so therefore I believe it is not love

What does love feel like? What should I do? if I were to break up how do I deal with losing a friend? How can I say goodbye to someone I care about? How do I break up ? Am I a fool for wanting to sense I don't feel love?

Am I a bad person?


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  • Love is something everyone explains differently.

    For me, love doesn't mean always wanting to be around the person. It means wanting to share a healthy amount of time with the object of your affection. It doesn't mean that you're never hurt or upset. It means that, even though something bothered you, it was something you could work through together and you were willing to stay to see that done. Love is a confusing feeling, a difficult feeling. It isn't always wonderful, sometimes it's very difficult, but love is what motivates you to keep trying for the sake of all the times it does feel magical, in the past and in the future.

    I think, right now, you should consider the pros and cons of being with this girl. Do the negatives outnumber the positives? If they do, do you also feel that the bad outweighs the good?

    You may be able to reach friendship again later - it isn't easy, and it doesn't always happen, but it is possible. If that doesn't work out, consider the fact that she'll likely still act very much the same as a friend. Things that she does that irritate you won't disappear once you've broken off the relationship. Is that the kind of friend you want and are you willing to look past it for a friendship rather than a relationship?

    It's difficult to say goodbye, but knowing that you made the best decision you could with everyone's feelings considered makes it a little bit easier, and the ache will fade after time.

    If you do intend to break up with her after all, talk to her in person if you can. Be civil with her, but be firm. Drawn-out half-breakups are more painful and stressful than clean breaks. Remind her of the positive things you see in her and tell her honestly why you don't want to be in a relationship anymore.

    You aren't a fool and you aren't a bad person. You have shown you are considerate and patient, and those are two very important traits to have. I believe you are a kind person and it's just that you are frustrated and tired. It's okay to let her go.


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  • Love has a different meaning for everyone. For me, when you love someone, you'd do anything for them, you'd take a bullet for them, you care more about them than you do yourself, you'd make sacrifices that you wouldn't make for anyone for their happiness, you could trust this person with everything, you could trust this person with your life. The way you get when you're with someone who understands that you'll have your share of problems, big or small, but is willing to work through them just to be with you. You feel excited when you see them, and when you're upset you can always run to them. Love is a different thing for everyone, really.

    Honesty time, how would you feel if you found out your girlfriend was on a website complaining about a bunch of things she can't stand about you? You could possibly talk to her, but her feelings would probably be very hurt. To be honest, you sound like I did after I had been dating my ex for 3 years, this is the puppy love phase, you shouldn't be this aggravated with someone so soon. I don't really think you should stay with the girl if you don't have intentions of staying. I think talking it out is the best idea, even though it might hurt her feelings, do you think that it's okay to let her believe that the relationship is fine, if it isn't?

    • Its been a whike butni did leave her she did something lets just say very bad and I left

      Thankyou for the response tho

  • Love is when yo feel all warm and fuzzzy inside when you see them and yo always want to be around them. Its when all you want to do is spend the rest of your life in their arms and never have to go anywhere. It when yo think of them every minute of eveyday and you would want to spend the rest of your life with them. But, the definition of love is different for every person.

    If you find that she irritates you and makes you feel depressed, you obviously don't like her in your heart. It might make sense for you in your head, but your heart doesn't see that. Saying goodbye is definitely hard but sometimes, its for the best. And as for breaking up, sit her down and just explain what you feel.. don't string her along. And no, you're not a bad person.. it sounds like you just want to feel happy again. And everyone deserves to be happy.


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