Guys: why would you act your opposite on the phone with a girl?

Why would guy who's quiet all the time because he thinks everyone around him is boring annoying and stupid suddenly open up and become really talkative and act like a goof and crack jokes? He was home alone in his room on the phone with me, and I was home alone in my room, so there wasn't anyone around to over hear the conversation.


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  • Maybe he feels more comfortable truly expressing himself when he's alone due to being afraid the people surrounding him in public may judge him, etc.

    • I also haven't talked to him in about 6 months until last week and only knew him for a month when I moved away from where he lives. I really don't know him all that well.

    • hmm.. he may of changed then through the time period after you moved away. He may of became a more open and confident person that popped out of his shell. :}

    • Thank you for best answer! :}

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