Survey: 17 and Under Boys?

How many would you agree that when you were 17 or under /or still under 18. You will only dates girls 18 or under. Which means no girls 18 and over.

  • Over 18, and wouldn't date anybody 18 and older when I was 17 and under.
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  • 17 and under, and won't date anybody 18 and older.
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  • Over 18, and would have dated anybody 17 and under when I was 17 and under.
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  • 17 and under, and will date anybody 18 and older.
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  • what? I don't get this question exactly nor the point. Do you mean when we were under 18 we would date people under 18? Sure, would date someone over 18 too. Wouldn't have cared then nor would I care now. Well, wouldn't likely date anyone under 22 or 21 or something like that on average cause most are immature. I learned that well enough from dating people that young when I was younger. But it wouldn't be an absolute rule either cause who knows. There can be mature 18 year olds

  • Girls over 18 aren't even going to give the boy a chance or even look his way.