She said 'babe' to me in a text meassge?

We have only been on one date. I really like her, and didn't have a problem with her saying babe. She apologized that folowing meassge, and said that it was maybe weird for her to say that. Is she taking the fact she said it back, or is she actually apologizing for it being weird?


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  • At times I've found women throw the word babe around alot. For her to apologize tells me she wanted to say it but realized she might be moving too fast and didn't want to scare you off. In the end it sounds genuine to me.

    • Thanx for the feedback bro. I personally just don't know with her at sometimes. I thinks she can be flirty at times, and then like recessive the next (for example, she was being short with me the rest of tonight after she said that). I think she may be shy, but I still really like her. Do you think that is what it could be?

    • Honestly yes it sounds to me like she is pretty genuine. This is, of course, just my opinion. Women love to play hard to get and are constantly afraid of appearing "too easy". In the end, no matter what, just be yourself. I've met plenty of women who pay hard to get and never stop playing it. Don't put up with that if it is the case but it seems to me like she is one of the ones who won't. In the end there are always plenty of fish in the sea.

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  • It was probably for it being weird


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