Not sure If this is dating?

I met a guy. We have been hanging out and then it lead to sleeping together. But afterward, its awkward. He doesn't hug or hold or even really talk after it is done. He always asks me to stay the night...but we sleep by each other, not with each other. I've never experienced that before. I think it means he just is not that into me...?


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  • I'd say it's time to stop dancing around the elephant in the room and discuss the situation. If you don't you are just assuming what he is thinking and he is likely assuming what you are thinking and surely you both know what happens when you assume. If one of you or both isn't into the other one the conversation will clear that up and save you both some time.

    • One night I addressed it. I said "I'm not sure what it is we are doing, but I like it...but afterward instead of the awkwardness, maybe we can hug it out?" and he replied "youre getting worked up" then said "What this is..." and laughed and fell asleep. Then the next day...I did not hear from him...thats pretty clear...right? I hate dating...havent done it in yeaaars...

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    • Thanks...that was the plan...just needed confirmation...and I liked the saying...clever lol

    • Thank you and best of luck to you.

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