Question for girls- tips/advice needed

I am going out tomorrow night for the first time In months after splitting up with my girlfriend.

Basically, I want some advice on how to talk to/approach girls in bars/clubs.

I'm not sleazy at all and just want to know when I should do it, why should I say etc etc.


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  • Hmm not sure what would be the best thing to do, but I know this might be shallow, but since you are going to a bar/club first impressions are everything ( since the girl doesn't know anything about your personality yet).. I think you should style for hair nicely and wear cool/ trendy clothes, but nothing too Crazy or weird! ... you want the girl to think you are approacbale and not that you are a weirdo! lol

    I think you should not come on too strong as this can scare the girl away maybe. ( espically if the girl happens to be shy like I am). Maybe make some comment on something that is going on around you like in the room.. eg. if there is music playing ask " sorry do you know what song that is? " ... or lets pretend there is some guy that you see that maybe is dancing really funny or is kinda strange..make a comment to the girl saying something like "wow look at that guy over there hahah " ...

    Im not too sure what else to do but if the girl respond quite well to some of these small questions it should be a good sign that she does not mind talking to you :)

    Good luck!.. also remember don't try to hard to impress a girl or anything like that, just focus on enjoying your self and having a good time!... ( this might show some girls that are around you that you are a fun guy and you actually have a life rather than your main focus being on impressing or getting with a girl )


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