Why do some men not text? all opinions welcome!!

every time we hangout he always asks for a hung, talks about spending time doing things together, and texts me as soon as he leaves. Only here's the deal...he never texts me any other time...sometimes it takes longer than a week. So what's the deal? He has mentioned that I shoukd text him, he forgets...but if he's into me...why do I have to text him? Why can't he?

So just wanted to let you all know, he did text me today saying he didn't realize I texted him earlier yesterday. SO...I guess he may have been just busy. Not going to lie, he most often replies...he's just never the one to text me...

And if I don't message him...I end up waiting about a week or more.


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  • Well it would seem that he is dating other people. Or his time is seriously invested into something else. You could always tell him, "hey I had a really great time doing 'x' with you! You should text me more often so we could hang out."

    And if you like him and he enjoys his time with you, you could simply ask him if he's interested in you and if there was anyone else he was interested in.

    Assuming he gives you a straight answer (You or multiple people) I'm sure you'll know what to do from there!

    Sounds like he at least enjoys his time with you.

    • +1.. the key is to be straight forward and simple while being modest with your thoughts.

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    • No problem! Goodluck.

      Be sure to update the question and let us know how it goes.

    • Haha alright I will you guys are awesome! :) thnx

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  • Is there any other communication at all? Phone calls? Email? I know these are totally archaic, but if he is keeping in touch maybe it's because he just doesn't like texting.

    • We work together only its like everyonce in awhile..our schdules are very diff. But no phone calls...its kind of nerve wrecking...for me at least since we've only hungout a few times.

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    • It doesn't mean that he doesn't like you if he doesn't answer right away, but sorry to say, it's likely that he's not that in to you. If you have been out two or more times and he's acting like this, it's time to kick him to the curb.

    • K thanks hun :) ill take your advice!

  • Because guys do not communicate the same way girls do.

    Girls live and die by communcation. If their social circle cut them off, they'd be devastated. If their boyfriend doesn't text or call for 3 days, they are in a panic.

    Guys are not like that.

    We are more independent. We can let days go by where are in our own routine, and not text or phone because it simply never occurs to us.

    Whereas girls can go on holiday with their best friends, spend two weeks away with them, come home, and then STILL spend two hours on the phone talking to them.

    We are not girls. We don't talk like girls. We don't feel the need to communicate like girls do.

    • Yes this is very true...girls are all about talking. Haha thank u

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  • It happens with my guy too.I text him sweet messages and nothing back.So I go to his room and he's just lying around watching movies,clothes all over the bed.Then he looks at me and smiles at me like a little child and it's just not worth fussing about the text,he obviously doesn't have a clue that he was meant to say something.really not worth fussing about.

    • Hahaha thanks:) that made me laugh. You're right. Thanks

  • Texting requires effort. He may like talking to you...but not that much.

    From my experience, even with my own dad, this is pretty much the same conversation I have with any male I have texted earlier in a day. Ranging from my dad to my boyfriend to my cousin to my friend. If they are male, this is how it goes:

    "hey, did you get my text earlier?"

    "Wha- huh?"

    "The text I sent you. Did you get it?"

    "Oh. Yeah. Yeah I got it."

    "...why didn't you respond?"


    "You didn't respond?"

    "yeah. I-Uh...I thought I did. My bad."

    That is code for "why did you text me and why do you expect me to move my fingers to reply? Waste of time, Doll face."

    • Lol yeah! That seems about right ha ha exactly how the convo goes...so with that all said, what kind of advice would you give to someone in my position?

    • Call. Call and keep calling. Some might prefer it while others will realize texting is easier. Haha the ones who get annoyed with your phone calls will start responding to your texts, I can gaurantee that. Lol