Stuck between 2 guys.

I was with someone for about 6 years, our relationship failed miserably let's call him A, I stopped talking to B for about 4 years of my relationship with A. I have known this other guy for about 12 years, we have been great friends, always very interested in one another let's call him B. B and I started talking about a year ago again, after my final break up with A, B and I started spending a lot of enjoyable time together, now all of a sudden A wants to change and prove that he can change and win me back. I've heard all of this before but it seems like he is actually trying. Now I'm torn because I have been very fond of B for 12 years and can not seem to get away from him, he is almost always everywhere that I am. What am I supposed to do?

The main reason that I am torn is because I do have 2 children to A, I feel almost obligated to "stay together for the kids". B likes my children, he doesn't want any of his own, which is great because I don't want anymore.


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  • You know what A was like.

    You've never given B a chance.

    I think you should give B a chance. If you go back to A, and it doesn't work out (very likely) I doubt B will wait for you or have much respect for you. (I don't think men are too keen on women who go back to failed relationships. We have a saying ... only a dog returns to its vomit)

    • Very in your face answer. I must say I love it. Thank you

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  • If you go back to A, you'll instantly lose B, and A in a few days/weeks/months.

    If you get with B, it might work, and you'll lose nothing at the moment.

    But if you are wondering now, it looks like you haven't forgotten A yet, and your relationship with B will suffer from it.

    All in all, if you are sure you can get over A, try B. If not, I'd say neither of them.

    • I have honestly always thought that B was the person for me. The reason I stopped talking to B was because A hated the close relationship I have with B. I have never truly been able to "get rid of my thoughts for B" It also doesn't help that I can go anywhere without running into him and seeing his smile.

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    • Thank you.

    • A french troll and an �ber troll can't be wrong at the same time ! ;)

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  • Usually things don't work out for a good reason, and even with good intentions a couple that breaks up and gets back together will go through a lovely honeymoon phase and then that same problem rears it's ugly head. I would not go back to A. If you do, just know that you have probably permanently removed any possible chance to date B again in the future, not if he knows what's good for him.

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