You kiss her on the cheek and she kiss you back. Mean anything?

We were walking with our friends (girls) one I find interesting. This is my second time meeting her. So when we get out of the car to get into our car to go home. Gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She return a kiss back on my cheek. Is that a sign of a friendship or something more?


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  • To be honest it kind of depends- there's a fine line between kissing back on the cheek as a friendly reciprocation, and kissing back hoping it will lead to a real kiss. I've given both in that situation and the difference is if she hopes it leads to more she will linger for a few seconds after with her face very close to yours and look right at you sort of holding 'the moment'.

  • Most likely something more.

    • Yeah I'm confused as you can tell lol. For what I read on here its a sign of friendship. The thing is, that we haven't been talking to each other until this night. We flirt with each other. When I was talking to my brother she came over and started dancing on me.

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