I do not understand the male sex

I'm a pretty nice person. I have a fair amount of intelligence. I'm fun and never boring. I'm caring, loyal, and trustworthy, and I hardly ever get into problems with anyone. I just want to know why I can never get the boys I like to like me back? I don't understand. I've just become this completely bitter person. I really am depressed about how I went through all of high school, and now it seems college without anything. Nothing. Completely. I am just very sad. And not even the physical aspect of it. I just want a relationship, or a very close male friend. Anyways, I don't get it.


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  • If you're not interested in the physical aspect, most males, the vast majority, are not interested. Period.

    Some guys just want sex.

    Some want a sexual relationship with companionship and love as well.

    Very few want 'a close female friend' to be platonic with.

    As for getting a boy to like you back, if you're nice, fun, caring ...

    its looks or shyness, most likely. Unless you are broadcasting a 'no physical' vibe very clearly.

  • I know it's hard sometimes, but try to stay positive. Bitterness and depression are things guys pick up on and it may turn them away. It sounds like you are an interesting person who could use a boost in confidence. Loneliness and isolation will only breed more sadness, you need to find ways to meet as many people as you can. I only made a handful of good friends in college and it is one of my major regrets.


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