How can I attract guys that I like, instead of those I don't?

I always seem to get attention from men I don't like, creepy and really annoying guys...the nice guys that I find attractive never approach me:(


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  • "The nice guys that I find attractive never approach me," do those nice guys know that you find them attractive? If you don't express interest in a guy (smiling, saying hi first, making eye contact), then how will the guy know that you're into him. If you are giving out signs of interest and you're not getting the results that you want, then try doing what Cyrus7 suggested.


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  • Do what cyrus said.

    Recognize that unattractive and creepy guys are single a lot, hence hit on a lot of women.

    Realize that you can be attractive or unattractive, I don't think there's a look that nice guys go for that ugly guys don't.

  • go up to them yourself


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