Okay guys! Let's say you are on your first date with a girl....

The date is over or what and your driving and you ask the girl what she wants to do?

First why do you ask her shouldn't you just take her home?

Second what are you taking if on the first date you ask if she wants to go back to your place?

What if she say yes? What do you think is going to happen and what do you think about the girl?

So let's say guy and girl go back to his place and they sit watch TV or something and things start to get hot back she doesn't have sex with you? Just making out?


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  • Serotriptomine is right

    1. If I ask her what she wants to do following a date, I can tell how she is liking me by the way she responds. Unless she has to work early, or has a valid excuse I think it shows that she may want to hang out more. If she does, this is good for the guy. A good sign.

    A guy shouldn't expect sex especially following the first date. This rarely happens. If he is decent, he won't mind even no kiss if he really likes the girl.

    • Like I asked the other what if she ident?

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    • Go into sexual things at a slow pace. Not having sex right away. You could go a few months without it in order to get to know him more.

    • Okay makes sense thank you

  • You'd ask that to see if she wants to spend more time with you.

    If she puts forth an idea that doesn't involve a house, I would assume she's enjoying her time.

    If the guy asks "my place" and she accepts, it's pretty much saying "yeah lets go relax and fool around"

    If she denies a man sex after having accepted the offer, he would probably have blue balls and have a pissy attitude afterward, but he'd get over it.

    • Okay but what if the girl is shy and were to say idk?

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