Prank-text: What do I tell him?

I have a good guy friend that didn't have my number, but I had his so I texted him acting somewhat creepy at first telling him I was some girl named Becca from another city now more subtle, but he seems to be going along with it too much, and I think his friends know about it. I'm almost positive he knows it's me, even if he hasn't said anything to me; I see him look at me from across the gym. I want to tell him that it's me in a somewhat snazzy way, like go up to him and say something that "Becca" told him, but it's the weekend. Is there a way to tell him without having to wait all weekend?


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  • Hey. So one of your friends told me you and becca planned a date for 'x' day.

    I was about to ask you out to lunch too. :/

    Maybe some other time!




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