Wish to go back in time with this guy after an awful date.

everything went awkward after a very unsucessful date with my crush. he knew that I liked him. but I felt like he's not interested in me at all. we still saw each other sometimes in class.

we used to talk frequently but NOTHING DEEP however I did see him as an important person of mine.

the date wasn't counted as a date, just realizing we are so different in personality and thoughts. he was all into physical relationship while I thought it was rude to talk something deep physcially that we didn't know each other that much. I was kinda pushing him off.

now he's avoiding having eye contact with me but we still said an unemotional hi to each other when we walked pass by.

sometimes I really missed those time that I've been talking to him. despite he was behaving like an a**hole. still, it feels like I just lost a friend. I'm thinking if I shall tell him how I feel and wondered if we can go back in time ...to be friends again. I don't know if he wants to talk to me again?


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  • Maybe, maybe not. Kind of sounds like you're over thinking a tad bit. forget about him, and move on. Obsessing over someone is never healthy.

  • So basically you want to be friends with an a**hole. How desperate you sound ! Move on, find someone who cares about you.


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